Lincoln’s Premier CrossFit Gym Do you want to feel FITTER? Have more ENERGY? Feel STRONGER? Reduce BODY FAT? IMPROVE your sleep? Move better, feel better and generally live better?  If you do then CrossFit is definitely the sport for you.

CrossFit is a full body conditioning programme for any age & ability, the workouts are scalable to suit each individual and their own personal goals.  The CrossFit community brings together a wide range of people from beginners who are new to fitness to elite athletes who are looking for a new challenge. CrossFit challenges the body in all areas using as many different and unique exercises and movements as possible.  This means running, rowing, powerlifting, olympic lifts, gymnastics, strongman and much much more.  Don’t be daunted by any of this though, we have a team of dedicated and skilled coaches who are here to walk you through the whole process. CrossFit is suitable for absolutely everyone no matter how “fit” or how old you are, we all start somewhere!

You might have spent 5 years going to the gym religiously or spent 5 years raising your children with no time to exercise – we all start somewhere and CrossFit will challenge you all the same! It is our coaches job to ‘scale’ each workout and tailor it to your individual needs in order to help you progress in the quickest and most effective manner.   All we ask is you come and give it a try before you right it off, you won’t regret it! Contact us about a Free Taster.

Why Choose Us

CrossFit Works
Our approach works!  CrossFit is a worldwide phenomenon that has transformed the lives of thousands upon thousands of people.  Give it a try, whats the worst that could happen!
Expert Coaching
Never again will you be left to your own devices as all of our workouts are are ran by our expert coaches trained to help you get the absolute most out of every session.
Variation and Diversity
Our workouts change on a daily basis and call upon a multitude of fun and challenging exercises.  You’ll never get bored or stuck in a rut again.
Value for Money
Your fitness and wellbeing is all handled in one monthly membership fee with NO CONTRACT.  No more separate gym memberships, personal trainers and bootcamps to pay for.

Adam Jones - <strong>  Owner/Head Coach</strong>
Adam Jones - Owner/Head Coach

Favourite - Lift/Movement/Wod
Power clean/HSPU/Annie

Worst - Lift/Movement/Wod

Fran time: 2:54

Suzanne Birchall - <strong>Coach</strong>
Suzanne Birchall - Coach

Favourite - Lift/Movement/Wod

Worst - Lift/Movement/Wod

Fran time: 4:05

Shaun Cormode -  <strong>Coach</strong>
Shaun Cormode - Coach

Favourite - Lift/Movement/Wod
Split Jerk/C2B/Grace

Worst - Lift/Movement/Wod
Hang Power Clean/HS Walk/Eva

Fran time: 2:54

Hannah Birdsall -  <strong>Coach</strong>
Hannah Birdsall - Coach

Favourite - Lift/Movement/Wod
Overhead Squat/Pull ups/Helen

Worst - Lift/Movement/Wod
Front Squat/Rowing/Jackie

Fran time: 4:24

Craig Wynne - <strong>Coach</strong>
Craig Wynne - Coach

Favourite - Lift/Movement/Wod
Hang Clean/Wall Balls/15.5

Worst - Lift/Movement/Wod
Snatch/All Gymnasics/Regionals Nate

Fran time: 2:47

Tom Aram - <strong>Coach</strong>
Tom Aram - Coach

Favourite - Lift/Movement/Wod
Squat Clean/Pull up/Angie

Worst - Lift/Movement/Wod
OHS/Double Unders/Isabel

Fran time: 5:45

Sam Long -  <strong>Personal Trainer</strong>
Sam Long - Personal Trainer

Favourite - Lift/Movement/Wod

Worst - Lift/Movement/Wod
Push Press/Abmat Sit ups/Eva

Fran time: 2:28

Loren Wade - <strong>Intern</strong>
Loren Wade - Intern

Favourite - Lift/Movement/Wod
Snatch/Pull Ups/Grace

Worst - Lift/Movement/Wod
Deadlift/Anything on Rings/Annie

Fran time: 7:32 (scaled)

Colleen Magee - <strong>Physio</strong>
Colleen Magee - Physio

Favourite - Lift/Movement/Wod
Deadlift/Wall Balls/14.3

Worst - Lift/Movement/Wod
OHS/Pull ups/Angie

Fran time: TDB

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